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Miki Agrawal is a 43-year-old social entrepreneur, and the CEO of Thinx and TUSHY attended Cornell University (BS) and is married to Andrew Horn. TUSHY is Miki’s recent project, an innovative bidet company offering an easy install and easy-to-use bidet seat.


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Miki’s Accomplishments

Miki is excited about the new frontier of science she’s working on; she says it will help the planet somehow. Hiro, her son, who is four years old, has the best score in his union. Miki Agrawal has also written and composed eight songs.

What’s Your Triumph in Life?

The TUSHY bidet is a new cleaning technology that saves trees and improves your overall health. We’re working on a project that could make a difference in the plastic crisis.

To What Does Miki Agrawal Consider an Ideal Business Relationship?

The best partner for someone who has a creative skill set and temperament is someone with the opposite ones. Suppose I’m an optimistic and passionate creator. The best partner is someone who has thoughtful and reflective qualities.

Miki says that the most pertinent advice she received while growing up is that one should spend less than one earns. She also learned that one should hire slow but fire fast as an entrepreneur.

Miki’s Big Idea

TUSHY is a company that produces technologically advanced, culturally relevant modern bidets, and it washes your sit-upon clean after you excrete. TUSHY will reduce chronic medical ailments by eliminating the need for toilet paper, leading to a healthier population overall.

Miki Agrawal’s Message to The World

Reusable products are an intelligent choice to help the environment save your health and money.

If You Could Go Back To a Certain Point in Your Life, What Would You Do Differently?

Miki says that if she had a second chance, she would change none of them since each person has made her who she is today and taught her many lessons.

Personal Mission

To promote the welfare of all humanity.