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Being at the forefront in any industry means being willing to take risks and challenge the status quo. Not to mention encouraging the industry to update or change regulations to suit an emerging product.

Consumers the world over, are familiar with the concept of buy now pay later (BNPL). This payment model allows customers to pay for the purchase over time: while still being able to have the product at that moment. BNPL options are available for making purchases online, in stores, and in medical/dental services.

Philip Belamant was able to create a BNPL product that did not fit in the typical mold. However, he was able to use the existing infrastructure. This ability was important as creating a product without the support needed to use it would be pointless. One example used is when he tried to roll out a virtual card payment system in South Africa. Since the existing infrastructure did not allow for NFC payments, he had to come up with a solution. In that case, Philip Belamant decided to use QR codes as they were more accessible to the people.

In all areas of his enterprises, he has kept his focus on the customer. Philip Belamant knows that the majority of costumers want what they want right then and there. With that understanding, he is able to continue to disrupt the payment industry. He provides a service that is both needed and timely. Moreover, he uses what is available in that location at the lowest possible cost to the consumer. This is how he adds value into his solutions.