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Roy Beck, the CEO and founder of NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation graduated from the University of Missouri. The journalism student was sharp both in class and extra-curricular activities, rising to become America’s first environmental-beat newspaper reporter in the ‘60s. Roy’s success would see him earn more than two-dozen awards for his reporting on business, religion, and environmental issues as a newspaper journalist.

He later took up a role as a policy analyst, covering the US population and immigration issues. Throughout his career, Roy Beck authored four books on the US labor market, ethics, religion, public policy, environment, and immigration. He has also co-authored several articles and publications featured in several magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.

In 1996, Roy Beck founded NumbersUSA to provide immigration recommendations for two national commissions. These included the bipartisan congressional commission led by Representative Barbara Jordan and the presidential commission chaired by Senator Tim Wirth.

Roy’s literary skills were recognized when his article featured in the Atlantic Monthly on ‘the Problem of increased immigration in small cities ’ was picked by Encyclopedia Britannica. This article was included in the Annals of America as one of the most remarkable writings of the ‘90s.

In his career spanning decades, Roy Becks has made appearances on various TV and Radio shows as an immigration expert. He has also presented his views before congressional hearings, University conferences, conference panels, speaker’s forums, and think tanks.

Aside from his role in journalism, Roy has received recognition for philanthropic efforts. He received the US Army Commendation medal for non-combat service for his volunteer leadership in 1972. Over the years, he has participated in various charity ventures, including clothing closets for inner-city children, nursing homes, multiple sclerosis society, and United Methodist Sunday school, teaching and providing food and transport to poor immigrants.

For the last three decades, Roy has led teenagers on an annual trip to rehabilitate homes of the elderly and build decent homes for the poor.

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