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Numbers USA

NumbersUSA is a nonprofit group advocating for restricted immigration. Founded in 1996, it focuses on lower immigration, decreased labor market competition with native-born Americans, and reduced environmental impact. The organization’s name is derived from the idea that if there were only 100 immigrants allowed into the United States per year, it would be much easier to develop appropriate policies to manage them. Its mission is to advocate for immigration reform to make the United States a more competitive, safer, and more secure country.


NumbersUSA was founded in 1996 by the National Conservative Political Action Committee (NCPAC), a group that lobbies for lower taxes and limited government. NCPAC was founded by William J. Bennett, who was later President of the United States National Endowment for the Humanities. NCPAC’s goal in establishing NumbersUSA was to improve the public opinion of immigration restrictionists. The organization’s first executive director was Chris Chmielinski of Pittsburgh.


To achieve its goals, the organization focuses on Data Collection, data analysis, and research. It produces a yearly report on the effect of immigration and lobbies Congress. NumbersUSA also conducts surveys and studies that help researchers gain insight into immigration’s impacts. These are made possible by donations from members. This campaign is run by members trained to write changeable policy proposals. The proposals are made clear to members, and a few are forwarded each year to Congress. The organization also runs a parallel lobbying effort known as the Congressional-Executive Branch Immigration Task Force, which includes people from across the country.

The group claims to have helped push over 140 bills through ten different states and Congress. Their grassroots campaign focuses on educating the public and lobbying politicians. Members are solicited to contact their representatives, attend rallies, and write letters to Congress. This action leads to the presentation of proposed bills, which the organization supports. See this article for more information.


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