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Mirabaud is an international financial and banking group. This organization is based in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1819. It is known as the third-largest private bank in Geneva. The company’s management comprises 6 partners who are actively involved in its daily operations. It provides brokerage, asset management, and wealth management services globally to institutions and private clients. This article focuses on how the organization makes supporting art sustainable.

The group’s obligation to modern art exceeds its wide collection. In line with the company’s values, a founder in sustainable finance, this strategy supports contemporary artists and the events and institutions that assist in bringing art to a wide audience. The group has always supported MAMCO since its establishment and Zurich Art Weekend, FIAC Hors Les Murs, Quartier, and Nuit des Bains.

The group’s commitment mirrors the significance of artistic creation in contemporary society, that unique effort that allows the public to move beyond their hideaway and challenges them to question themselves or look at society as a new one. Creativity is vital to thinking differently and all types of innovation. Supporting today’s art means sustaining the contemporary ideas and the artists who come up with such ideas. Mirabaud has adhered to its values since its founding, reflecting on the place of a person in a society and supporting artists.

Mirabaud wants artworks to be accessible to everyone. That is why the group has placed a complete catalog of its collection online; this is one of the strategies for making its doors open for as many people as possible. The group also lends their works to institutions that require them, allowing many people to discover them up close. In addition, through its extensiveness, Mirabaud’s art collection reflects a pluralistic perspective of a common history and contemporary society.

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