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Before interviewing Rachel Nichols, ESPN host, Molly Knight thought of asking her how she manages to stand out in a male-dominated industry. But as a female sportswriter, she also gets the same question and is always tripping on her words. She has nothing to say as it’s the same as women in other professions.

Rachel Nichols is not only dominating in sports but is also a game-changer because she is funny, smart, and ready to ask the world’s renowned people tough questions. She started her journalism career in the “Washington Post” before shifting to ESPN, then CNN, and back to ESPN. Rachel’s reliability and warmth have made her a sports star. She has been referred to as the most prominent and influential female sports journalist by “Sports Illustrated”. The “Hollywood Reporters” has also listed her in the top 10 powerful sports media female voices.

Rachel Nichols is hosting The Jump, ESPN’s Basketball Show, and focusing her sports expertise on inspiring NBA dialogue. Molly Knight had a one-on-one conversation with Rachel in her Los Angeles-based studio. Here’s what she had to say.

Why Sports as a Career?

Rachel noted that she has been a sports fanatic and found it fun from a tender age. Even though she knew that she wouldn’t be a proficient athlete or a female team executive, Nichol found fun in stories happening around her when attending a sporting event. There is more fun in telling predetermined stories than working in an office.

The Transition from Washington Post to TV

Rachel Nichols noted that her work covered Washington Capitals when working in Washington D.C. As a hockey writer, she would attend pre-game shows to do a segment, making her a TV reporter somehow. Television immediacy is appealing. Some stories are better told in print as you have to report narratives or conversations that occurred behind closed doors. But there are stories that only show clips. Visit this page for additional information.


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