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Yubo is an outstanding application that performs live streaming operations, launched in 2021. It will introduce the NFT collection known as Randos later in April 2022, which will focus on earning and socializing to deliver exceptional values to all its users. It attracts many enthusiastic people about live streaming making it the only social media platform that brings actual possession to the Gen Z customers. The launch of Rando will consist of many segments of productive art that will open the newest form of ownership to people who purchase them.

The owners of Rando NFT will generate revenue for its users upon performing various operations, including presenting a live occasion, conveying pixels, and more that will enable them to possess a portion in Yubo and bring about personal income. Every holder of Rando NFT will have a fantastic opportunity, including:

  • Obtaining revenue: The revenue coming from the live event ticket, collecting pixels, will be shared between Yubo and the owners of Rando NFT.
  • Boosting economy: Yubo will instigate a cryptocurrency in 2023. The holder of Rando will obtain a fantastic gift of coins of the currency through airdrop as an appreciation to the initial contributors of the platform.
  • Outstanding 3D: Yubo is creating unique 3D conditions with abstracts on the application, and every holder will get a fantastic version of the avatar in the NFT.

Randos NFT collection will be accessible on the minting site, and every Rando will be grounded on the blockchain of Ethereum at 0.1 ETH while selling. In addition, it utilizes the opportunity to educate the youth and Gen Z users on matters to do with Web 3.0, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. The server and customer care are always available every time of the day, including weekends, to answer any question people might have about the relevant subject matter.

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