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Eugene Plotkin is a graduate of the University of Toronto and Boston University, with over thirty years of experience in the film industry. He is a professor emeritus at York University’s Department of Film & Media Studies and Film Academy program.

Eugene Potkin has extensive knowledge about film production, which he has passed down to new filmmakers all around North America. Is Russian-born, Harvard-educated finance, business, and technology professional. Plotkin started as a Wall Street investment banker at …

He has taught business, finance, and technology at York University’s Schulich School of Business, the Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto), and the University of California at Berkeley Extension.

Eugene has been a successful entrepreneur with his business credentials for over forty years. He owns his film production company …

Eugene has directed/produced over a hundred feature documentaries such as “Famous Players: The Birth …He was also a writer for TVO’s “Reel Toronto.”

Eugene is currently an executive producer on award-winning director Atom Egoyan’s latest film, “Remember,” in post-production.

Eugene Plotkin is the recipient of the Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian Cinema. The award was recognized for his research, teaching, and service to Canadian cinema.

The factors of production are a concept in economics that describes inputs to the production process used to produce goods and services. The most widely discussed factors are land, labor, and capital (also known as [means of production]). The aspect of production is often ownership of the means of production, but it can also be a combination accounting for total resource expenditures by an enterprise.

Multiplier effects were used in classical economics to describe the impact on outputs from changes in the level of inputs.

He also provided utility and production functions as mathematical expressions of marginalism.

Some consider him the ‘Father of Economics’ for “laying the groundwork for modern economic analysis.”

In 1817, in his first edition of […], he discussed the measurement of national income and related it to labor and capital input.

Eugene Potkin is an award-winning filmmaker and an educator who has taught at some of the top film schools in North America. He is currently a professor emeritus at York University’s Department of Film and Media Studies and the head of the production at the Canadian Film Centre.

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Potkin was born in Toronto to Jewish parents who were refugees from Lithuania, Poland (then part of Russia). Potkin’s father died when he was two years old. He grew up in a low-income family with three brothers and a sister in Toronto’s Jewish ghetto during the Great Depression.

He graduated from the University of Toronto and Harvard University’s film school, earning a master’s degree in film. After graduating from college, Potkin began working as an investment banker. He quickly became bored with this type of work and left it to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

Eugene Plotkin acted as the sole producer to fund his films for many years. However, he has recently made films with various partners and has become more involved with managing production companies daily.

He is widely considered one of the most influential people in modern cinema and is regularly referred to as “the Father of Economics.”