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Co-founded by Adele Archer and Garrett Ozar, Eterneva is an innovative company that gives people a different or unconventional way to celebrate and honor their deceased loved ones. Using a process that turns a person’s cremation ashes into real diamonds, the company provides emotional support to mourners, while creating a beautiful gem that can be worn on their finger, or as a pendant around their neck, just like any other type of jewelry.

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The idea for Eterneva came when Adele Archer lost a close friend to pancreatic cancer and wanted to do something unique to keep her memory alive. This led to her decision to have her ashes turned into a diamond. After starting the business, it eventually garnered $1 million in sales, which made it easier for its founders to raise over a million more dollars in venture capital, and $600,000 from business mogul Mark Cuban, who is an investor that appears on the ABC show Shark Tank.

When customers opt to use the services that Eterneva offers, they are informed that the diamond conversion process will take almost a whole year to complete, and they are kept up to date about how everything is progressing. Heat and pressure is added to a cup of their loved one’s ashes so that enough carbon can be extracted from them to make a gem, then once the precious stone is created, it is sent to a professional diamond cutter for setting.

A year after a fatal shooting took place in El Paso, Texas at a shopping area, the company partnered up with the local funeral home to honor the victims of that tragedy by offering the deceased’s grieving relatives and friends their gem-producing services. Although it is known as a death tech business that turns ashes into diamonds, Adele Archer considers her company to be something that also supports the healing process for the bereaved. The entrepreneur attended McGill University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree with honors, and she received an MBA degree from the Acton School of Business. Learn more: