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An expert on finance-related things, Yves Mirabaud, is a managing partner of the success-driven company Mirabaud. With experience from various banks in Geneva, Zurich, New York, and Boston, in addition to Mirabaud himself, Yves Mirabaud became a managing partner in 1996 and a senior managing partner in 2012. Yves also serves as the board chairman for both companies, as well as being board chairman of the success-driven company Cie SA. The entrepreneur also serves as chairman of the board at Mirabaud Abu Dhabi Limited.

Despite the 15% decline, Mirabaud Bank had a profit of $2.24 million in 2020. This is down from $6.58 million in 2018 and 2019, when the revenue was extraordinarily high during those years, thanks to a pandemic. The bank used its hedging strategy during this time with some success, maintaining a traditional yet conservative image to its clients despite its aggressive positioning in the market. Yves Mirabaud defended them as doing well by making them seem “old-fashioned and conservative” rather than “aggressive and without wisdom” like those other banks.

In 2020, on a cost-cutting plan, the CEO of Covid-19 said there had been no cuts, but they are cautious with spending. On the positive, Covid-19 has led to cost savings in other areas, such as sponsoring events and travel.

Halfway through the integration, Yves Mirabaud was interviewed by Reuters, stating that the bank has no plans yet to expand globally but will instead shift its focus to the Middle East and Latin America. He mentioned that he plans on being more active in real estate private equity funds with one billion dollars secured funds. Lastly, he planned further transactions in the US.

As for climate change, Andrew’s feedback was that banks could help investors redirect funds towards a cleaner future by doing more with old investments. To do this, banks must raise their profile and integrate ESG values into their offerings. Businessman and banker J.P. is also president of the Geneva financial center foundation, a member of the board of directors of the Geneva chamber of commerce, industry, and services, and chairperson of Geneva’s international community. See related link for additional information.


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