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Infrabuild CEO Vik Bansal is optimistic about the future of Australia’s manufacturing sector, despite the pandemic. In this CEO Spotlight, Vik Bansal discusses how his company is preparing for the post-pandemic era and what he believes Australian manufacturers need to do to thrive in a global economy.

Bansal believes that the pandemic has created an opportunity for Australian manufacturers to step up and become world leaders in their field. He says companies need to invest in research and development, embrace new technologies, and create a culture of innovation.

Infrabuild is already ahead of the curve in many ways, Bansal says. The company has invested heavily in R&D over the past few years, which has allowed them to develop new products and processes that are more efficient and effective than ever before. Additionally, Infrabuild has adopted a lean manufacturing approach that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency.

By investing in these areas, Bansal believes Australian manufacturers can not only survive post-pandemic but thrive. He is confident that the country has the talent and resources to become a world leader in manufacturing, and Infrabuild is committed to helping make that happen.

“We are very fortunate in Australia to have a very diversified manufacturing sector,” Bansal told CEO World. “Many companies are doing many companies are doing innovative things, and I think that will be the key for us going forward.”

Bansal believes that Australian manufacturers must focus on three main areas to succeed in the post-pandemic economy: innovation, productivity, and sustainability. He says that Infrabuild is already working on all three of these fronts, and he is confident that other Australian manufacturers will be able to do the same.

“I think it’s important for us to remember that we are a country with many natural resources, and we have a lot of skilled workers,” Bansal says.