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After a very tough 2020, most countries were starting to embrace the new normal. The infection rates were also showing great progress too for most destinations. The doctors and members of the society were getting the results they had wanted for the whole year. People were starting to understand the benefits of wearing masks and working from home. Many schools were planning to resume their operations because everything was looking promising. Doctors, after a very trying season, has brought out excellent vaccines to help people with the viral disease. When the vaccination began in most countries, people began to move from one place to the other in search of a livelihood. Most countries realized that their citizens and economies were suffering, and they gladly accepted to lift numerous restrictions. The lockdowns began to be eliminated in many parts of the world. Vinod Gupta was not celebrating this achievement with the other people living in India. Vinod Gupta, a veteran philanthropist in the world, was busy trying to help India overcome its toughest season. India began to witness the devastating second wave when everyone was starting to adjust to the new environment.

For India, the second wave of corona was the worst. The supplies in most medical facilities were getting insufficient every day. Hospitals were having more patients than they could accommodate. For the first time, Vinod Gupta realized that the health care in India had a big problem. The medical facilities were under-staffed, and this meant that many lives were lost. The international community has come out to assist India with the crisis, especially in the month of May when things were looking horrible. Vinod Gupta generously supported India to deal with the second wave. The billionaire was not alone when giving all of the donations to the Indian communities. The philanthropist wants the country to learn from its mistakes and given the healthcare department better considerations in the future.


Doctor Alddo Molinar

In the modern world, medical practitioners play a significant role. Doctors effectively impact the world as they help patients. Anesthesiologists are medical practitioners who administer anesthetics that block nerve sensation. Anesthetics induce unconsciousness for medical procedures. However, there is a misunderstanding about the medical profession…