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Businessman Vijay Eswaran lists the four main pillars of leadership in a blog post published on Entrepreneur. He explains leadership needs to be earned, no matter in what field. He shares an example of a quote from Steve Jobs that explains leadership is truly about getting people to do things they never thought they would and could do. Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King led movements through their passion and drive to inspire and bring others along. Now, when identifying the four pillars, Vijay Eswaran explains some can simply be born with the traits, but they can be attained throughout life. The first trait is accountability.

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True and effective leaders take action into their own hands and work to rise out of their situation. He explains leaders recognize they can not do it all on their own, however, and delegate to others. Accountability also means accepting the result and not blaming others for it. The second innate trait is inspiration. Leaders simply have the drive to motivate others by raising their belief in themselves. Oftentimes, Eswaran explains failure can largely stem from a lack of belief in oneself. An effective leader comes along and not only improves their value but those around them.

The third is leaders maintaining a purpose. A purpose that is bigger than themselves and motivates many to join. Eswaran explains people can identify a leader’s purpose and join them because of its inspiration and message. The last pillar of leadership is care and concern for others. Leaders are not selfish and have the compassion to listen. This can be important to help motivate and bring a team together. In Vijay Eswaran’s eyes, a great leader impacts belief systems and leaves behind a lasting legacy rooted in compassion to make a big difference. Vijay Eswaran is an author, businessman, and philanthropist.