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Tim Murawski is a businessman, CCO of Augmedics and a pioneer in medical device technology. Early on he saw opportunity in medical device sales. Tim Murawski uses his interest in augmented reality to focus on business. He believes augmented reality is an interesting concept that has the potential to change the way we think and the way we work with medical procedures. 


He believes AR can be used as a tool to help surgeons visualize and interact with their patient’s anatomy during surgery which in turn may decrease surgical errors and complications. Tim Murawski, who is also a professor of biomedical engineering at Vanderbilt University, has been working on augmented reality for a specific medical use, spinal surgery. 


His team created a medical device called Navio+ which brings groundbreaking augmented reality technology to spine surgery by allowing surgeons to view 3D models of patients’ spines inside the operating room, with real-time updates from cameras that collect data from within the body. As Tim Murawski points out, this allows surgeons to better plan each step they take before entering into this delicate part of the body. 

This innovative project was recently awarded funding by Microsoft Research along with three other projects involving various fields such as molecular modeling and deep learning machine vision systems for cancer detection; advances in artificial intelligence; and new software tools for designing buildings.” Tim Murawski has had a huge impact on robotics and AR. First as a director of sales when he was first introduced to robotic surgery products. His experience in technology has been valuable and has helped build companies and increase their revenue.