Star Dance Project

You have the Best, and you have the rest…

Things have never come easy to Randal Nardone but that does not deter him in the slightest. If anything, it just fuels him to do his best in life. He came of age in the suburbs of New Haven & was one of the best students in his high school class. As he reached the age of 18, Randal Nardone knew he needed to start thinking about colleges but could not decide which one. His parents were both UConn alumni & they took him on a tour of the campus. He was not that impressed at first but it was not long before Randal Nardone soon realized they had the perfect program for him. So he enrolled there when he was done with high school & did his best to ensure that he was on the right track. As he was forced to choose a major, he knew english would be the right path for him. By the time he got to his senior year, he knew he had to make a plan for his future. So he went to his advisor & asked him what he should do. He told him to follow his heart & this is what led Randal Nardone to the wide world of law school. He moved to Boston to pursue JD & tried his best to ace every test that he took when he was there. All of his hard work was rewarded when he was able to hold his JD in the palm of his hand. As he put his academic life behind him, he opted to open an investment firm & this came to be known as FIG. Randal Nardone began as a member of the management committee of FIG but was soon able to work his way up to the role of CEO.

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