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Vijay Eswaran is an entrepreneur and executive who has over twenty years of experience in managing businesses in the direct selling industry. Today, he is the founder and executive chairman of the leading direct sales company QI Group. His company specializes in selling a variety of health and wellness products to consumers through independent distributors. The company has emerged as one of the most successful in its respective industry. QI Group is currently headquartered in Hong Kong. As well as being the chairman of his own direct selling company, Vijay Eswaran has been very active in giving back to the community as a philanthropist. He has also written books and articles about business leadership and personal development.

Over the years Vijay Eswaran has experienced a lot of success. He attributes his success to his approach to leadership. During his career, Vijay has developed his own leadership philosophy that he refers to the four pillars of leadership.

Taking Ownership

One of the keys to being a successful business leader according to Vijay is to take ownership for your actions and decisions. He has said that successful entrepreneurs and executives are responsible individuals who hold themselves accountable at all times. Even when they make mistakes or bad decisions, they don’t blame others and realize that they misjudge things at times. Eswaran believes that in order to be a successful leader, one has to own up to their decisions so that they can provide others with a good example to follow.

Empowering Others

Another key to successful leadership is empowering other people within the organization. Good leaders give others the opportunity to succeed and reach their full potential. Successful leaders are also the type who motivate and inspire others to pursue goals and fulfill daily objectives. By empowering others, good leaders are able to lead successful departments and companies.

A Leader is Purpose Driven

When looking to succeed in a leadership role, individuals are also driven by a specific purpose. Whether it is to increase sales, improve products, provide better customer service or develop better marketing campaigns, a good leader has clear goals that they always strive to achieve. As a purpose driven individual, good leaders are able to put themselves and others in position to attain success on a consistent basis.

Leaders Care

A good leader in business is someone who cares about others. They are focused on the well being and success of their employees and subordinates. Good leaders consider the feelings and circumstances of others and help them find ways to achieve their goals, help the organization reach its goals and focus on the well being of other people as well. Learn more: