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Posigen takes a unique approach to solar, focusing on making solar both affordable and on those low-to-moderate income areas traditionally neglected by “big energy.” Posigen was established when its founders saw a disparity between access to solar and income level. Notably, traditional models for adding rooftop solar were accessible almost exclusively to the wealthy. Posigen focuses its commitment to energy equity with an emphasis in making solar financially accessible, supporting growth in the communities it serves and providing job opportunities in the energy sector to traditionally underrepresented groups.


Addressing this disparity Posigen “flipped the script,” creating a pricing model for its business focused on and derivative of its customers’ actual savings. Posigen solar power company offers lease options that have no minimum credit requirement, a critical feature in servicing low-to-moderate income families, ensuring affordable leases and reasonable access to rooftop solar. Moreover, Posigen solar power company offers purchase options that are flexible and designed with accessibility to ownership, and are not limited to only the wealthy. 


Additionally, Posigen solar power company supports its customers through the implementation of free energy efficiency improvements. These innovative approaches, coupled with its transparent lease structure and dedicated team, have made rooftop solar accessible to a previously underserved group of customers. The company’s commitment to energy equity goes beyond its pricing structure and PosiGen leasing program. It extends to a commitment to diversity such that more than 65% of its employees are women and people of color, two historically underrepresented groups in the energy sector. Standing by its commitments, Posigen offers a no commitment, full and transparent demonstration, available to anyone. 

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