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Insurance is all about anticipating and covering risks. The Insurance Office of America has been working hard to ensure that they use a customer-centered approach in many industries. For over ten years, the company has achieved customized coverage and partnerships for sports teams.

Heath Ritenour became IOA’s chairman in 2019 after serving as the CEO for eleven years. John Ritenour, the chairman’s father, founded the company in 1988 and played a huge role in offering support and guidance. IOA is a strong force in the insurance industry because of its hard work and consistency in providing value to its clients.

Providing insurance coverage for sports teams is challenging because some sports, such as football, are high-risk. However, insurance professionals need to spend time to understand the teams to maintain sufficient coverage to mitigate the risks. John Ritenour insists that you must understand all the ins and outs to succeed in any business.

As an insurance company, it is your job to consider the worst-case scenarios and mitigate them. Therefore, you need to educate the clients on the potential risks that might not be on the surface. Once the clients understand everything, it is up to them to decide whether or not they want to purchase a policy.

If a team wants to take up full coverage, it is the responsibility of the insurance agent to find a policy that will cover all angles. Teams also need to decide which risks they will give priority, such as COVID-19 and concussions.

Although John Ritenour started IOA, the company has become a father-son partnership. An excellent example of how successful and innovative the partnership has been is the IOA Sports Division.

The Orlando Magic team wanted to strike a partnership with IOA despite having their insurance sponsorship. Since John Ritenour still offers IOA advice, he suggested that they take some time to review the contract and look for gaps. Eventually, they were able to come to an agreement that started the relationship with Orlando Magic.


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