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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has founded many successful companies and has also helped many startups grow. Activist investor Jason Hope recently made some predictions about social networking sites that are worth considering. Social media sites are rapidly growing because more than 80% of people across the globe have access to the internet. Nowadays, as Jason Hope states, companies have also joined these platforms to market their business and reach more customers.


According to Jason Hope, social media will continue to grow businesses, but in a different way. In the end, some sites will grow more than others, but he has a good outlook on the future of social media. He thinks sites like Facebook may lose their popularity due to the fact they are not adding new features, and they have leaked customers data in the past. Jason Hope also said that the rise of social media would help solve problems like poverty, illiteracy and famine by improving communication across borders.


Activist Investor Jason Hope


Successful businessman and healthcare investor Jason Hope also says the use of mobile phones has highly contributed to the growth in social media. He thinks that people will have unlimited access to social media in the future due to its addiction (Openthenews). 

He also says that social networking sites will take up a lot of time for people, but they won’t mind because it may be their primary entertainment and information sharing source. The best thing about using mobile phones to access the internet is cheaper for low-income people. He thinks messaging apps like Whatsapp and Wechat will become more popular than social media sites. Jason Hope is a businessman who has experience in the field of technology, which makes him an expert when it comes to his predictions about future trends.