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Greg Aziz Changed The Face of National Steel Car Industry

Greg Aziz is the current chairman of the world leading rail freight car production and engineering company known as National Steel Car. He is also the president and CEO of this famous steel car company. Greg J. Aziz has been the chairman of the National Steel Car company for the last 24 years. The man was appointed as the chairman…

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The World of Gregory James Aziz

National Steel Car is headed by Gregory J Aziz. He is the President as well as CEO. His company has made a name for itself a leader in manufacturing of freight cars. National Steel Car’s headquarters is in Hamilton, in the state of Ontario.   Gregory James Aziz   In April 30th 1949, National Steel Car’s James Aziz was born…

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Talk Fusion CEO Invites Marketing and Technology Professionals to Rebranded Huffpost

Bob Reina, a well-known entrepreneur, published two new articles on HuffPost this week, amongst the news provider’s day and night rebranding. Reina is the owner and president of Talk Fusion, a video marketing firm based in Florida. Learn more:   Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience was the first article publishes by Reina and it went live on…

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