Sussex Healthcare Audiology: Highest Quality Audiology Services To The Local Communities

Sussex Healthcare Audiology, also known as SHC Audiology, offers advanced audiology treatment options meeting the complex needs of various patients. Interestingly, the institution has been provisioned to assess the age-related hearing issues, hearing aid care for NHS patients, fitting the hearing devices, assisting consultant-led ENT clinics in a number of areas. The institution working under Sussex Healthcare, a prominent name in senior living homes, has the highest standard of service, which makes it different from other audiology services in the U.K. The company maintains a highly trained list of audiologists to help the patients with expert treatment and care.

Interestingly, the firm knows the importance of most modern treatment options and provide the staff with continuous and advanced training and development. Interestingly, SHC Audiology has created a clinical administration framework that addresses all the major areas of audiology treatments including regular checks for infection control, company policies and formalities, risk management, adherence to clinical procedures, both patient and staff safety, and more. Additionally, the company is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. It also got accredited by the UKAS or United Kingdom Accreditation Service per the IQIPS Standard. Interestingly, IQIPS Standard is the single national accreditation option available in the U.K., and the company’s commitment is reflected by the approval of the agency.

The company is also particular about its working standards and follow the National Good Practice Guide. This ensures SHC Audiology also offers re-assessments and on-going aftercare in every three years along with highest-quality treatments. SHC Audiology operates in ten locations in three different cities, namely Berkshire, Surrey, and Sussex. The firm knows different levels of hearing issues and offers the most suitable solution after completing a comprehensive diagnosis. To take the patient care next level, SHC Audiology even sends out replacement batteries for hearing aid devices to the patient’s home upon request.

The audiology services offered by the firm is well accepted by the patients. Most people express their happiness over how they came back to an active life after going through the solutions of SHC Audiology. People who were struggling with minor hearing issues said that they got excellent improvement by using the device. Sussex Healthcare was founded by a number of service-oriented visionary entrepreneurs. It keeps a vision of providing a quality life for the elder people with excellent service and support. Apart from audiology and senior living care, Sussex Healthcare also provides education care, dental practices, and more.