Betsy DeVos and the Impact of her Philanthropy

Who is Betsy DeVos?


Betsy DeVos is an American investor and a Republican politician and currently the nation’s Secretary of Education. She is a woman well-known for her charitable activities. She has helped different people around America through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, an organization they founded with her husband and children in 1989.


Her Philanthropist Journey



DeVos developed an interest in the education sector while she was educating her children. By regularly visiting Potter’s House Christian School, a school popular with many low-income families, she discovered just how determined some parents were to have their kids in schools with a good learning environments. Together with her husband, they started to support students in that school and that marked the start of their long journey to provide financial assistance to needy families.


Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation


This is the organization that Mrs. DeVos uses to assist various groups in America. She works also works in this foundation as the chairman. In 2015, the organization gave contributions amounting to $11.6 million. The fund has given financial support to Christian schools, hospitals, arts groups, and groups dealing with health research among others. Several foundations benefit directly from The DeVos Foundation. Some of these organizations are Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values and Baptist for Life among others.


The foundation has also provided financial assistance to various groups in the education sector. Between 1999 and 2004, The DeVos Foundation provided donations of up to $8.6 million to different Christian schools in the country. In the same period, charter schools received about $5.2 million. Other groups such as the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association and the Holland Christian Schools are some of the other beneficiaries.


The Impact of Her Work


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is known for supporting groups that influence the society positively. By supporting the various learning institutions such as the Success Academy Charter Schools, Mrs. DeVos has enhanced the access to quality education by children irrespective of their economic status. This has helped in providing students from low-income backgrounds an opportunity to chase their academic dream in schools with conducive learning environments.


The DeVos Foundation has also provided assistance to hospitals and even health research projects. By so doing, Mrs. DeVos has enhanced access to quality health care primarily to families from low-income backgrounds. In addition, she has improved research in some health conditions that would not have been possible without the resources.


Mrs. DeVos has also been supporting the education sector through other avenues. She is a prominent education reformist, fighting for changes in the education sector enhance choices. Over the years, she has actively supported school choice and the school voucher program. In addition, she is a known crusader of charter schools and has also provided financial assistance to support the same.


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What is the Success Academy?

The Success Academy is a wonderful place for New York City’s children. It is a charter school that can make the future brighter as it goes forward towards that goal. Created by Eva Moskowitz, the school is revolutionary in its footprint for New York education.


The school has 41 locations around the city. There are further plans to expand the growth of the charter schools. Called the Success Academy Education Institute, offer free access to educational materials for everyone that wishes to further education.


Recently, the charter school even won an award of $250,000 to add to the school’s reading program. The award will more than help the charter school to get well on its way to expansion to other locations. Considering the fact that the school is serving the children, that’s a very good thing to have won.


The thing that makes the school so simple is the ability to connect to those children that have been lost in the gap in times past. The students are comprised of the African American children that live in abject poverty. It is open to all students, but this was the original student population that the charter school was built for. It is made up of 15,000 teachers that were approached for the positions and more will be coming after the latest hiring endeavors of the school’s founders.


Moskowitz placed Liesel Anthony in the position of managing director of the charter main school complex. She manages the training of the current teachers, the hiring and introduction of future teachers and the basics of running the schools. It’s a considerable undertaking, but Liesel is more than capable of the work. The goal of student literacy, improving the future is a wonderful goal for the program. Math and Science are also being expanded in the future of the students as well.…/success-academy/index.php