Madison Street Capital Recently Wins Top Award

In November of 2017, an organization known as M&A Advisors recently announced the winner of one of its major awards. At the 16th annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala in New York City, Madison Street Capital was given the award for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. This award was given due to its deal with the company WLR Automotive. With this award, Madison Street Capital has yet again proven itself to be one of the leading investment banking firms in the finance industry.


Since the year 2002, M&A Advisors has honored firms that have helped complete the most notable transactions in the finance industry. What makes this award very impressive is that companies such as Madison Street Capital have to stand out among over 600 other firms. In fact, Madison Street Capital was chosen over 650 participating companies to win this recent award. This proves the extent of the excellence that the firm has been known for over the years. According to the leaders of the M&A Advisors organization, Madison Street Capital is regarded as the best of 2017 in terms of conducting finance deals.


The executives of Madison Street Capital are very thrilled to receive this award as it helps confirm that they have accomplished a lot during the past year. As well as winning the Debt Financing of the Year Award, Madison Street Capital was also a finalist for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year and the Financials Deal of the Year Awards. With a number of nominations, the firm is likely to establish itself as not only among the best in terms of making financing deals, but also one that provides the best all around service in the investment banking industry.


Madison Street Capital is a small boutique investment banking firm that is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois of the United States. The firm has emerged as one of the most versatile firms as it has been able to complete a number of deals that benefit many different companies. This firm has been able to help businesses restructure debt, merge with other companies, acquire other companies and also get evaluations on their current company value. With a wide range of services, Madison Street Capital is able to help a number of companies reach various financial and business goals with its expertise. As well as offering a wide range of services, the firm is also one that follows values such as honesty, integrity and excellence. This has helped shape the Madison Street Capital reputation.

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Roberto Santiago and the Brazilian Shopping Experience

Roberto Santiago is someone that is giving many people and Brazil for a whole new experience when it comes to shopping. Roberto has proven that he is someone that is able to change the way that people shop when it comes to maximizing their time. Santiago created what is referred to as the Manaira Shopping Mall, and this has become one of the biggest shopping environments in Latin America. Many people love this small environment, and they are fans of the way that Santiago has built a huge commercial real estate environment for shoppers.


The people that may really benefit from this the most are the tourists that are coming to Brazil in search of something that’s different from what they have at home. Anytime that travelers come to another country they are always going to be looking for something that stands out as a unique part of the environment they are in. This is exactly what the Manaira mall does. It stands out because it has so many different things that people can enjoy for their shopping experience. People that may have never considered a mall environment where they have access to a plethora of different things may find themselves overwhelmed by all that the Manaira Mall has to offer.


Shoppers that are not surprised by the movie theater will definitely be surprised by the bar and bowling alley that is inside the Manaira Mall. Others may find themselves taken away by the amusement park that is part of this mall complex. There are so many different things for people to explore so there is never a dull moment when people come to shop at the Manaira Mall. In fact, some people may even find that it is easier to shop at this mall because they have access to so many things to do.


Any people that come to the mall that was created by Roberto Santiago will not be able to do everything that they would like to do at this mall in one sitting. Most people will find that it is going to be easier to come to the mall more than once. That will really be the only way that they can get a full take on everything that is available. This definitely makes it convenient for travelers that come here for vacation. They can get all of their shopping done in one place. They can even enjoy some entertainment without leaving this property. The most recent addition added a concert hall and this gives tourists even more things to do.


This mall has been renovated several times, and this shows that Roberto Santiago is all about keeping people interested in the mall environment he created.


Sussex Healthcare Audiology: Highest Quality Audiology Services To The Local Communities

Sussex Healthcare Audiology, also known as SHC Audiology, offers advanced audiology treatment options meeting the complex needs of various patients. Interestingly, the institution has been provisioned to assess the age-related hearing issues, hearing aid care for NHS patients, fitting the hearing devices, assisting consultant-led ENT clinics in a number of areas. The institution working under Sussex Healthcare, a prominent name in senior living homes, has the highest standard of service, which makes it different from other audiology services in the U.K. The company maintains a highly trained list of audiologists to help the patients with expert treatment and care.

Interestingly, the firm knows the importance of most modern treatment options and provide the staff with continuous and advanced training and development. Interestingly, SHC Audiology has created a clinical administration framework that addresses all the major areas of audiology treatments including regular checks for infection control, company policies and formalities, risk management, adherence to clinical procedures, both patient and staff safety, and more. Additionally, the company is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. It also got accredited by the UKAS or United Kingdom Accreditation Service per the IQIPS Standard. Interestingly, IQIPS Standard is the single national accreditation option available in the U.K., and the company’s commitment is reflected by the approval of the agency.

The company is also particular about its working standards and follow the National Good Practice Guide. This ensures SHC Audiology also offers re-assessments and on-going aftercare in every three years along with highest-quality treatments. SHC Audiology operates in ten locations in three different cities, namely Berkshire, Surrey, and Sussex. The firm knows different levels of hearing issues and offers the most suitable solution after completing a comprehensive diagnosis. To take the patient care next level, SHC Audiology even sends out replacement batteries for hearing aid devices to the patient’s home upon request.

The audiology services offered by the firm is well accepted by the patients. Most people express their happiness over how they came back to an active life after going through the solutions of SHC Audiology. People who were struggling with minor hearing issues said that they got excellent improvement by using the device. Sussex Healthcare was founded by a number of service-oriented visionary entrepreneurs. It keeps a vision of providing a quality life for the elder people with excellent service and support. Apart from audiology and senior living care, Sussex Healthcare also provides education care, dental practices, and more.


Doe Deere “Queen of Unicorns”

Doe Deere, who is also known as the “Queen of Unicorns” gives us some insight into her extremely successful cosmetic line, Lime Crime. Doe grew up in Russia and came to the United States at the age of 17. She is now currently residing in Los Angeles. Doe is someone who has dreamed big since she was a child and she had the dream of being a musician, which is what she did when she moved to New York City. Doe has entrepreneurial skills beginning at the young age of thirteen, when she sold temporary tattoos and marketed them to others by wearing them and making them cool. Being a musician also helped give Doe the career and marketing skills she needed to make her make up line a success.


Doe spent most of her years in the United States, in New York City. She lived there from 1998 to 2012 starting in Manhattan and then spent 9 of those years in Brooklyn, which is where she started in a band. Her band is also where she met her now husband, who performed in the band with her at the time. They were both songwriters and promoted the band together. This helped them from the beginning to collaborate well together.


Doe wants young women who have the same ambition as her to know how important it is to follow their hearts. She believes everyone has something special and unique about them and if they can tap into it that is when they will really shine ( Growing up, Doe often felt alone in her thinking from everyone else but eventually realized that many others had strong, similar thoughts and feeling, and that was how her make up line, Lime Crime, came about. The Unicorn Queen love(d) bright colors but had difficulty finding them in stores because the market was geared toward natural looking make up. This led Doe to begin making her own bright colored make up. To her surprise, many other girls also liked the bright colored make up, thus the reason her make up line became so profitable and such a success. There was a clear market for it.


For Doe, make up allows her to express herself and be who she is without judgement. Having majored in fashion design, Doe believes fashion, make up and hair go hand in hand when it comes to expressing oneself.

Robert Thikoll’s Entrepreneurial Success

As an entrepreneur or a prospective one, there is much that we need to learn from Robert Thikoll. In his current engagements, he is the vice president of operational excellence a company he joined in October 2014. His key responsibility in the company has been fostering both the growth and development of Ingersoll Rand’s through lean transformations.

To ensure informed decisions and proper execution of his tasks, he works with a team that helps him in the provision of thought leadership. He also believes it is through the team that he can be in a position to make lean initiatives for the company. More to this, he also works closely with senior leaders and presidents of the company. His teamwork strategy has worked a lot in pushing the company beyond heights both in driving growth and margin expansion.

Before his engagement with the company, he had previously worked with other organizations that helped him build expertise in his career. Between 2000 and 2015, he had been working with Danaher. At Danaher, he was commissioned with global operations a positions he won many accolades through his performance. Prior to this, he had also worked with the Aisin Takaoka Company for almost a decade where he gained his lean experience.

To his educational background, Robert holds a degree in political science. He also pursued Asian Japanese majoring in Asian studies all that he acquired from Arizona State University. When questioned about his productivity, he talks about building his day around his biorhythm. More to this, he talks of 0ne need to bring important ideas to life and build a strategic vision for solving problems.

Also, Robert says that Daily management is the key factor towards success in any entrepreneurial responsibility. To maximize your profits, one needs to make it a daily routine plotting their trends. This is the only way you can be sure when you are winning and when you are losing.

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Reviewing Avatrade in the Broker Business Domain

AvaTrade, famously known as AvaFX is a business review platform which came into existence in the year 2006. The AvaTrade review is very much well known since it consists of all the internet brokers globally. It is vastly used due to its availability to many of the common intercontinental languages such as English, French, Arabic, Swedish, Chinese Korean, Mandarin and so much more. Its headquarters is situated at Dublin. AvaTrade offers the best broker deals and strategies only to the willing. A member of this great platform is only required to one of the following accounts; PayPal, Credit cards, iDeal and so on.

This forex broker medium provides not only innovative but also so many creative services to all the currency traders who have taken complete part in the global financial markets. The company was as a result of joint efforts of several business experts and other professionals perfect in online trading. The purpose of coming up with this group was to perfectly meet the desires and full needs of all the active and successful online investors. AvaTrade is growing so fast and in a comprehensive manner. Currently, the business has enrolled thousands of clients globally who have millions of trade projects per month.

Billions of money is what the organization intakes per month. This is the reason for its popularity across the whole world. The organization has a platform for both beginners and amateurs in their business operations. This is to enhance a healthy and peaceful working environment which favors all kinds of the workers without one hurting or colliding with the other. AvaTrade contains various offices such as representative and departmental offices in different parts of the world.

Whether one is a guru or a junior in trading, that never matters. AvaTrade has user-friendly software which combines the registered with simplicity and perfection. This is the reason as to why several industries have awarded this company over the years. Though AvaTrade is an international company, all who joins it come with a passionate spirit of achieving the unbelievable and enhance the positive growth of the firm. AvaTrade has done all the best so far.

The Oxford Club Newsletters Provide Investing Information

In the recent Ask Reporter article “Investing and Trading Advice from The Oxford Club”, Rob McKinsey discusses the global investor and entrepreneur network. The Oxford Club provides investment strategies and rules to improve the performance of their customer’s portfolios. Through these strategies, The Oxford Club members are often able to outperform average returns.

The Oxford Club provides daily newsletters and trading services as well as three newsletters that are released each month. One such newsletter is their flagship product, The Oxford Communique. The letter provides an in-depth analysis of trading, investing opportunities and trends in the market. It also has articles from the Chief Investment Strategist, Alexander Green, on how to live well.

Members of the Communique also get updates weekly on the investment portfolio with research reports and market updates. This newsletter has often been rated as one of the highest performing investment newsletters in the industry.

Another newsletter provided by the Oxford Club is the Oxford Income Letter written by Marc Lichtenfeld. The Chief Income Strategist discusses insights into creating a high performing income portfolio. The newsletter also contains the updates on the four portfolios as well as the Oxford Income Mailbag which has a question and answer section from the readers. Lichtenfeld discusses income-generating strategies as well as any questions about portfolios.

They also provide the Resource Explorer Newsletter where Matthew Carr the Emerging Trends Strategist discusses research and recommendations with the Infrastructure Strategist and the Macro Strategists of the company.

The Oxford Club was founded in 1989 in Maryland to provide in depth analyses of market trends and trading. It was founded by William Bonner who is also the founder of Agora Inc. His dream was to create a club for investors to discuss their interest in investing opportunities. The expert strategists research and reveal investing information to nearly 80,000 members. This information allows members to grow and protect an extraordinary wealth because the experts have experience in growing their portfolios through all market conditions.

The Oxford Club is dedicated to researching the best investment opportunities. They only select the investment opportunities with the lowest risk and the greatest possibility for growth.

Modern Home Renovation Inspired By Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is the newest company and brand name in the industry. The Siteline Cabinetry is part of the Corsi group’s newest company whose business commenced in 2015. Siteline Cabinetry is a full-access service and competitively-priced brand that features more than 27-0 finishes and material choices in the industry. They also feature more than 200 pre-configured accessories/cabinets for a four-to-five-week lead time. The complete brand was produced and pre-engineered with the most applicable and modern pieces of technology.

Siteline Cabinetry also offers numerous full access cabinets to its clients in all parts of the country. The company prides itself on having the best designers who work hard to add new remodels for offices, bathrooms, and kitchens. Siteline Cabinetry is one of the few companies that manufacture attractive products in a wide range of styles that can suite your accommodated décor in the interior of you home, bedroom, bathroom, office, and kitchen. For the company, they always work by prioritizing durability, quality, and customization. The company buyers also benefit from affordable prices and other entities.

Siteline Cabinetry does not rent or own any warehouse in the United States. The company manufactures, stains, and paints all their products as the orders are received. This means you can select or determine the product you are willing to depict by the end of the section. Siteline Cabinetry also uses a wide range of materials that range from particle-boards, plain wood, and solid veneers. For every product you want the company to make, you have the will and power to customize it for better business benefits. These attributes also include color, wood species, and drawer type.

The cabinets developed by Siteline Cabinetry also come to you in a wide range of modern to traditional styles according to your liking. The traditional design elevated by the company is meant to suit the homes and firms that combine the contemporary and old-fashioned architectures. Before the buyers find the items shipped to the country, the factory workers can accessorize and modify the products in many ways. While the company works by selling the full-access cabinets, you have the free will to add frames as you wish.

Betsy DeVos and the Impact of her Philanthropy

Who is Betsy DeVos?


Betsy DeVos is an American investor and a Republican politician and currently the nation’s Secretary of Education. She is a woman well-known for her charitable activities. She has helped different people around America through the Dick and Betsy Devos Family Foundation, an organization they founded with her husband and children in 1989.


Her Philanthropist Journey



DeVos developed an interest in the education sector while she was educating her children. By regularly visiting Potter’s House Christian School, a school popular with many low-income families, she discovered just how determined some parents were to have their kids in schools with a good learning environments. Together with her husband, they started to support students in that school and that marked the start of their long journey to provide financial assistance to needy families.


Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation


This is the organization that Mrs. DeVos uses to assist various groups in America. She works also works in this foundation as the chairman. In 2015, the organization gave contributions amounting to $11.6 million. The fund has given financial support to Christian schools, hospitals, arts groups, and groups dealing with health research among others. Several foundations benefit directly from The DeVos Foundation. Some of these organizations are Michigan’s Foundation for Traditional Values and Baptist for Life among others.


The foundation has also provided financial assistance to various groups in the education sector. Between 1999 and 2004, The DeVos Foundation provided donations of up to $8.6 million to different Christian schools in the country. In the same period, charter schools received about $5.2 million. Other groups such as the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association and the Holland Christian Schools are some of the other beneficiaries.


The Impact of Her Work


The Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is known for supporting groups that influence the society positively. By supporting the various learning institutions such as the Success Academy Charter Schools, Mrs. DeVos has enhanced the access to quality education by children irrespective of their economic status. This has helped in providing students from low-income backgrounds an opportunity to chase their academic dream in schools with conducive learning environments.


The DeVos Foundation has also provided assistance to hospitals and even health research projects. By so doing, Mrs. DeVos has enhanced access to quality health care primarily to families from low-income backgrounds. In addition, she has improved research in some health conditions that would not have been possible without the resources.


Mrs. DeVos has also been supporting the education sector through other avenues. She is a prominent education reformist, fighting for changes in the education sector enhance choices. Over the years, she has actively supported school choice and the school voucher program. In addition, she is a known crusader of charter schools and has also provided financial assistance to support the same.


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Fabletics For Personalized Shopping Experience Like Never Before

Fabletics is a new age athleisure brand that has been competing incessantly with bigger e-commerce giants like Amazon since the time it was launched back in the year 2013. The company grew so fast in this highly competitive industry because it knew from the very beginning what it wanted to achieve and its target audience. At the time Fabletics launched its athleisure product range, there weren’t many brands that offered athleisure wear for women specifically at a low cost with high-quality. The companies that did provide quality did so at exorbitant prices, and the ones that were affordable had inferior quality products. It left a massive gap in the market that needed to be filled, and the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, the parent company of Fabletics, knew that.


It is what pushed Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to start Fabletics, a company that now offers one of the most versatile and highly fashionable products in the athleisure category for women. The products of the company are fashionable, and new styles and designs are launched every other month to ensure that the users always have something new to look forward to. Kate Hudson, one of the co-owners at Fabletics, has helped in taking the company ahead with her bold marketing campaigns and design concepts. She has even roped in some of the noted celebrities like Demi Lovato to introduce their inspired designs in the limited collection athleisure wear provided by Fabletics. The company listens to the requirements and demands of the customers through the reviews and feedbacks posted by the customers online. It helps the company to know where they are lacking, and which areas they are doing well and can get better. Staying in sync with the customers’ demand is essential for the company’s success in just about any field, and it is what Fabletics has been doing from the very beginning.


Kate Hudson believes that even as Fabletics is a much younger company in comparison to many of its immediate competitors, it has never bogged down under pressure and the challenges it has faced from the very beginning. She believes that taking risks is the nature of the company and it has helped Fabletics jump the hurdles to achieve success. The dedication of the company towards its customers can be seen in the fact that it has a dedicated team to provide customers services to its loyal customers’ base of over a million customers across the globe. Moreover, there is a team that takes up the customers’ reviews and suggestions given on the internet and answers them as well on behalf of the company. It has helped Fabletics get into the good books of the customers and get a loyal customer base, which is essential in this highly volatile an ever-changing fashion industry.


If you are new to Fabletics and want to shop from their diverse range of athleisure wear for women, it is essential that you take the Lifestyle Quiz at their website. It would help you understand how the company provides a much better and personalized shopping experience than many other online retailers.