Greg Aziz Changed The Face of National Steel Car Industry

Greg Aziz is the current chairman of the world leading rail freight car production and engineering company known as National Steel Car. He is also the president and CEO of this famous steel car company. Greg J. Aziz has been the chairman of the National Steel Car company for the last 24 years. The man was appointed as the chairman of the company in 1994. Gregory Aziz office is based at Hamilton, Ontario which is the headquarter of the industry.


Gregory James Aziz prides himself on being at the center of the thriving company. The company has earned its reputation as the leading railroad freight car producer in North America under the chairmanship of Mr. Greg Aziz. The company continues to produce quality freight cars that meet the needs of their clients. Gregory Aziz has concerted efforts of making sure that the industry remains one the few leading sectors in the production of freight cars.

Mr. James Aziz is a hardworking entrepreneur. He worked with several companies at different management positions before buying National Steel Car. Greg J. Aziz bought National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. He purchased the company with an objective of making it a global steel car industry. Gregory James Aziz has worked hard to make sure that the steel car industry is a reflection of what it is now. Under the chairmanship of Greg Aziz, the company focused on procuring competent engineering, investing in team-building, as well as human and capital resource. The steel car industry has experienced exponential growth since Gregory James Aziz took over leadership from the Dofasco. The National Steel Car industry is now manufacturing more than 12,000 cars compared to 3,500 what it used to produce back before 1994. The company employment opportunity has increased from 600 to over 3, 000.  Sources:

The National Steel Car industry focuses on adopting new technology in engineering and production of cars. The industry provides new model car almost every year at the same time creating thousands of new railroad freight car each year. The company owner Mr. Greg J. Aziz has received many awards and honors for being successful in-car steel industry. The company is making a lot of profit every year, and it contributes significantly to the economy of Northern America. Gregory and his wife use the benefits accrued by their company to support several non-profit initiatives in Hamilton community as a way of giving back to the community. They sponsor the charity organization including Salvation Army, the United Way, the Hamilton Opera and Theatre Aquarius.


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