The World of Gregory James Aziz

National Steel Car is headed by Gregory J Aziz. He is the President as well as CEO. His company has made a name for itself a leader in manufacturing of freight cars. National Steel Car’s headquarters is in Hamilton, in the state of Ontario.


Gregory James Aziz


In April 30th 1949, National Steel Car’s James Aziz was born in London. He was also went to rudimentary school in London. He attended Ridley College. He graduated with a major in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.


Joining the Family Business


In 1971, Greg Aziz joint the family business: wholesale food business. He stayed with put for the next 16 years seeing the business grow tremendously. Now the business had become a major importer of Southern American and European fresh foods. The imports would be sold all over the USA and in parts of Canada.


Other Businesses


In the early 80s through to the 90s, Gregory J Aziz was actively involved in numerous banking jobs. The experience worked to prepare him for the Dofasco deal he made in 1994 on behalf of National Steel Car. He proposed to propel the company into the lead of manufacturing freight vehicles. The expansion of the company made it possible to make more than 12000 cars annually by 1999. Employment opportunities increased as demand and production soared.


National Steel Car is leading in new vehicle innovations. On a yearly basis, the company is also active in building freight vehicles. In North America, the company is the only manufacturer of freight vehicles. Owing to the quality of the work the company does, it has been awarded severally in the past 18 years. National Steel Car has clinched the TTX SECO award for quality in its products and service. Click Here to learn more.



Like many prosperous businesses, community participation and giving back are a core part of success for National Steel Car. The Hamilton Community has therefore gained from James Aziz’s business. Salvation Army is one of the local institutions that have gained from the philanthropy of National Steel Car. Other institutions are the Theatre Aquarius and United Way and Hamilton Opera.

The company graciously hosts yearly parties during the Christmas festivity. The parties are open to all past and present employees of National Steel Car. Apart from this, many of the food banks in the Hamilton area benefit from the food drives organized by National Steel Car. Gregory James Aziz and his better half Irene sponsor Canada’s The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, an agricultural show.


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