Robert Thikoll’s Entrepreneurial Success

As an entrepreneur or a prospective one, there is much that we need to learn from Robert Thikoll. In his current engagements, he is the vice president of operational excellence a company he joined in October 2014. His key responsibility in the company has been fostering both the growth and development of Ingersoll Rand’s through lean transformations.

To ensure informed decisions and proper execution of his tasks, he works with a team that helps him in the provision of thought leadership. He also believes it is through the team that he can be in a position to make lean initiatives for the company. More to this, he also works closely with senior leaders and presidents of the company. His teamwork strategy has worked a lot in pushing the company beyond heights both in driving growth and margin expansion.

Before his engagement with the company, he had previously worked with other organizations that helped him build expertise in his career. Between 2000 and 2015, he had been working with Danaher. At Danaher, he was commissioned with global operations a positions he won many accolades through his performance. Prior to this, he had also worked with the Aisin Takaoka Company for almost a decade where he gained his lean experience.

To his educational background, Robert holds a degree in political science. He also pursued Asian Japanese majoring in Asian studies all that he acquired from Arizona State University. When questioned about his productivity, he talks about building his day around his biorhythm. More to this, he talks of 0ne need to bring important ideas to life and build a strategic vision for solving problems.

Also, Robert says that Daily management is the key factor towards success in any entrepreneurial responsibility. To maximize your profits, one needs to make it a daily routine plotting their trends. This is the only way you can be sure when you are winning and when you are losing.

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