What is the Success Academy?

The Success Academy is a wonderful place for New York City’s children. It is a charter school that can make the future brighter as it goes forward towards that goal. Created by Eva Moskowitz, the school is revolutionary in its footprint for New York education.


The school has 41 locations around the city. There are further plans to expand the growth of the charter schools. Called the Success Academy Education Institute, offer free access to educational materials for everyone that wishes to further education.


Recently, the charter school even won an award of $250,000 to add to the school’s reading program. The award will more than help the charter school to get well on its way to expansion to other locations. Considering the fact that the school is serving the children, that’s a very good thing to have won.


The thing that makes the school so simple is the ability to connect to those children that have been lost in the gap in times past. The students are comprised of the African American children that live in abject poverty. It is open to all students, but this was the original student population that the charter school was built for. It is made up of 15,000 teachers that were approached for the positions and more will be coming after the latest hiring endeavors of the school’s founders.


Moskowitz placed Liesel Anthony in the position of managing director of the charter main school complex. She manages the training of the current teachers, the hiring and introduction of future teachers and the basics of running the schools. It’s a considerable undertaking, but Liesel is more than capable of the work. The goal of student literacy, improving the future is a wonderful goal for the program. Math and Science are also being expanded in the future of the students as well.