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The airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has had a facelift thanks to the work of Dick DeVos. He successfully landed a new carrier for this central hub, but the task did not come without complications.


DeVos started the process in a method that he has used in his other business practices. He phoned the chief officer of a budget airline and began the conversation about making Grand Rapids part of their family.


It took several months, but the carrier did start to fly out of this Michigan metropolitan area. In an odd twist of fate, this newly acquired business was bought out by one of their flying competitors. This buyout meant that Dick DeVos had to go back to the drawing table and convince this new CEO that remaining in Grand Rapids would benefit their team.


Dick DeVos worked out another deal, and this budget-friendly carrier started flying to Denver and Baltimore. The company soon added other transfer hubs, and the new destinations created more travel opportunities for the families and business people from this part of Michigan.


As the operations picked up, it became apparent that the building needed to be remodeled to fit today’s security standards and customer needs. Planners added new additions that shortened the security lines, and designers developed a business-focused area.


Dick DeVos has always been involved in flying activities, and he has used his passion for flight to create a high school to help children learn the engineering and technology behind this science. He established this high school in a vacant building at the same airport where he once worked.


Another project that he is involved in deals with flight regulations for the United States. The leader of the transportation department nominated him for this exciting and demanding position. This group meets in Washington every three months, and Dick DeVos will be expected at the quarterly meetings for three years.


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