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Pamela Baer remains very involved in the community but avoids working on one specific issue for a longer period. When possible, she prefers to take on a specific mission in the morning and return to various issues in the afternoon. Pam’s philanthropy involvement comprises almost every imaginable charity and organization within the San Francisco Bay Area.

By choosing to be a member of the community she loves, Pam Baer has placed her trust in the people dedicated to her and her values. Pam chooses to give back her time and energy to any organization that advocates for women, children, and people with disabilities, those that support LGBTQ rights, promote recycling, and promote environmental causes.

Pam Baer has spent years leading fundraising efforts for charitable organizations: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, United Jewish Appeal, United Way, Junior Achievement of San Francisco Bay Area, Save The Children, and many others. An accomplished fundraiser, her enthusiasm for the work often shines through in the results she achieves.

In 2000, Pamela Baer’s passion for fundraising led her to create her philanthropic platform, For Goodness Sake. This focused on reaching the overlooked needs of this community. Pam’s office is in San Francisco, where she also serves as a strategic adviser to Peninsula families and community organizations. After four years of volunteering with the San Francisco Giants Foundation, Pam is an integral member of their leadership team and a respected contributor to its mission.

Pam’s work with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, the American Cancer Society, and the American Red Cross has led to notable breakthroughs that have impacted thousands of lives. Pam has also been involved in and helped shape San Francisco’s culture by curating art, dance, and music in conjunction with her husbands’ major league sports endeavors.

Pam Baer has a lifelong passion for animals. This passion has led her to the Bay Area’s animal welfare charities. She has worked with The Peninsula Humane Society (PHS), Lucky Dog Rescue, and the Green Dog Project. Through these organizations, she has the privilege of meeting a variety of pets that need a new home.Go here for additional information.


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