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For more than two years, programmers worked behind the curtains to produce what came to be known as ClassDojo, a classroom app that has changed the teaching of learners completely. According to ClassDojo CEO who doubles as the app’s cofounder, Sam Chaudhary, currently, over 90% of schools in the United States of America have embraced ClassDojo. The schools are now using the app in running day-to-day operations in their respective schools. The CEO says that the remaining 10% are yet to adapt to the app because of the logistics. “Otherwise, I am proud to say that all schools in the United States will be using the app because many have seen its viability,” said Chaudhry.

When thinking about the app, Sam and the group did not think it’d gain unprecedented acclaim so fast. In a quick turn of events, ClassDojo has now been able to reach up to 180 countries. The app can also be translated into over 35 languages, making it one of the largest teaching apps the world has ever had. Statistics from the company say that although ClassDojo has been able to make substantive inroads in most parts of the world, it is yet to reach many K-8 graders. For now, it reaches a meager 1% of the K-8 graders, which is equivalent to 10 million children. However, according to Southern Elementary, a school in New Castle, Delaware, where Madam Price teaches, nearly 98% of the teachers, parents and pupils use the app. Ms. Price says the app has made things such as administration, communication, and inculcating discipline to kids extremely easy. “Now, I have to make sure I power the app every morning before we start our lessons because I might get information regarding one or two of my pupils,” says Price. She adds that without the app, it’d be hard to know who is in class or who did not come with or without permission.

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